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About Alternatech

Alternatech is a company created by knowledgeable and enthusiastic people with over 15 years experience in the alternative fuel industry. Alternatech has been formed because of the success of the diesel HGV conversion and development division of Prins Autogas UK. Alternatech is now a stand-alone company with the ability to develop and retro fit LPG, CNG and LNG dual fuel systems to Euro5 and Euro6 HGV’s worldwide. Alternatech can also undertake specific development projects for non-road going solutions requiring a dual fuel system worldwide. Alternatech in conjunction with ADGERO designs and builds ultracapacitor-based hybrid drive systems for buses, trucks and trailers, and other heavy diesel engine equipment, whether it be on road, off road, land or sea based.

Alternatech euro6 conversions now available on lease


Full warranty and r&m available on lease

  • Model:Euro6 6x2 Tractor Unit
  • Annual Mileage:100 000 miles
  • Contract Term:60 months
  • Monthly Hire Charge:£2,198.65
  • Payment Terms:2+1
  • Subject to annual RPI:Yes

Fuel Calculators

Our Fuel calculators are set up to show you how much money you could be saving. Have a look at the example below then have ago with your own figures to see how much of a saving you could make!

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